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clases particulares a domicilio GMAT Verbal

Jueves 2 de enero de 2020, por hurtado claudio Course on-site GMAT Verbal, private lessons

Programa GMAT Verbal

Test overview, types of questions

Critical reasoning
1. Types of stimuli
2. Types of tasks: weaken, strenghten, inference, assumption
3. Time strategies
4. Exercises

Sentences correction
1. Subject-verb agreement
2. Pronouns
3. Verbs
4. Parallelism
5. Comparatives
6. Modifiers and clauses
7. Idioms
8. Exercises
9. Time and discarding strategies

Reading comprehension
1. Types of questions: global, detail. Inference, attitude or tone
2. Short and long reading passages
3. Exercises

Full tests (paper-based and computer-based)

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