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Enhancing Mental Math Skills for GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Sunday 31 March 2024, by hurtado claudio

Enhancing Mental Math Skills for GMAT Focus Quantitative Section

Attention prospective GMAT Focus Quantitative champions!

Embark on your journey to mastery with Claudio Hurtado, a distinguished educator boasting over 25 years of expertise in sculpting GMAT QUANT courses.

In the GMAT Focus Edition, calculators are prohibited in the Quantitative section. This underscores the importance of honing your mental math prowess.

Designed to assess your mental agility and problem-solving acumen, the GMAT Focus Edition challenges you to rely solely on your mathematical acuity. The deliberate exclusion of calculators underscores the test’s emphasis on analytical reasoning and numerical fluency.

Prepare to excel in the GMAT Focus Quantitative section under the guidance of Claudio Hurtado. With his comprehensive approach and proven methodologies, you’ll sharpen your mental arithmetic skills and approach the exam with confidence.

Contact us at +56 945 517 215 or via email at clasesgmatchile@gmail.com to secure your spot in Claudio Hurtado’s GMAT Focus Quantitative preparation classes. For further information, visit our websites at https://gmatchile.cl and https://clasesgmat.es.

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Mastering the GMAT Focus Edition Quantitative Reasoning Section: A Comprehensive Guide

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